We believe in solving problems in physics by the use of massive computational power. By applying high performance computing, we are simulating physical systems on all scales to predict interesting things about the world we live in.

Our main focus is on the development of theoretical and computational methods for quantum mechanical and statistical mechanics systems and the research spans from dense matter such as neutron stars to the flow of liquids in porous media.

Magnus Holm gives a presentation about his consulting work at Nordaaker.

Education Prize to Computational Physics!

This year’s education prize has been given to our group, Computational Physics! Every year the the university board chooses a person or group that have shown exceptional work in regards to educational quality and educational environment. And with the prize…


National education price awarded to Computational Physics professor

Professor Anders-Malthe Sørenssen was awarded the annual Olav Thon Foundation price for outstanding education. The price was awarded for his work on modernizing the physics education at the University of Oslo. He has increased the use of computational methods and…


Representing the University of Oslo at the education fair in Oslo Spektrum

We were invited to join the UiO stand at the education fair arranged by in Oslo Spektrum last week. We brought with us some of our visualization equipment, including a 55″ TV and an Oculus Rift, in addition to…

Creating a 3D Neuron Scene in Blender

I have lately been working on a poster about brain tissue modeling and for that I have used Blender to create some…

Choosing the right license for your code

I was pointed to John Hunter’s Why we should be using BSD and came to think about how I rather…

Getting MCALab up and running on a 64-bit installation of Matlab on Ubuntu

MCALab is an easy-to-use Matlab toolkit for Compressed Sensing-related problems. This is a guide for getting it up and running…

Find Usages Keybind broken in QtCreator

Hey, so I’ve had the issue lately that Ctrl+Shift+U was broken on my keyboard when I upgraded to Ubuntu 14.04….